Current graduate students


Yosi Shrem

PhD Candicate

Yosi is interested in deep learning applications to speech processing. He works on accurate detection of phonetic parameters, such as Voice Onset Time (VOT) and formants. He is also interested in Speech Synthesis and Accent Convergence.


Yael Segal

PhD Candicate

Yael defined the term Speech Object that represent phonetic parameters, phoneme, words, or phrases. She borrows ideas from visual object detection algorithms to accurately localize, segment and detect such object in an input acoustic stream. 

Yael Segal's webpage.


Bronya (Roni) Chernyak

PhD Candidate

Roni's work is focused on both the security of deep learning systems in general and of speech application in particular. She is also interested in unsupervised and self-supervised representation of the speech signal and its applications to automatic analysis of linguistic data.

Roni Chernyak's website


Yehoshua Dissen

PhD Candidate

Shua's work is focused on unsupervised and self-supervised training algorithms for speech recognition and speaker verification and diarization.


Eyal Cohen

PhD Candidate

Eyal works on Speech Synthesis. He proposed state-of-the-art algorithm for speech time-space modification, that provides phenomenal quality in manipulating the speaking rate of a given recording.

רועי בניטה

Roi Benita

MSc Candidate

Roi works on Speech Synthesis with Diffusion Models. Specifically he is interested in making diffusion models work in a autoregressive way.



Tzeviya Sylvia Fuchs, Ph.D.

Gabi Shalev, Ph.D., Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon

Felix Kreuk, Ph.D. Research Engineer, Meta AI Research

Gal Lev Shalev, M.Sc., Research Scientist, GM Motors

Yossi Adi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Hebrew University; Research Scientist at Meta AI Research and the hood behind Lucille Crew.

Yona Coscas, M.Sc., Director of Artificial Intelligence, Elbit Systems Ltd

Yaniv Sheena, M.Sc., Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Meta

Einat Naaman, M.Sc., Applied Researcher at General Motors

Stav Buchsbaum, M.Sc.

Amir Gottlieb, M.Sc., Data Scientist, Taboola

Danny Karmon, M.Sc., Principal Applied Research Manager, Microsoft